What are you getting Dad for Father’s Day?

Fathers day blog

Dear friends,

Did you know that Dr. Janet and Dr. Cook’s combined years of practice equals over 60 years of helping Shelby Township residents? During this time they have been lucky enough to help thousands of families, including helping a lot of dads get well and stay well with chiropractic care.

The unfortunate dilemma we face today, especially when dealing with pain, is that the opioid crisis has made it easy to cover up underlying problems that cause pain. So many dads have chosen this quick relief route without realizing the consequences that these drugs present, including 70,000 deaths in the last couple of years. Here is the good news, a new meta-analysis study revealed that those who were visiting a chiropractor for nerve pain were 49% less likely to be prescribed opiods than their counter parts that went to other health care providers.

If you have a dad in your life that you love and care about that is in acute or chronic pain, please pass along our Father’s Day health certificate to visit our office. This complimentary initial visit pass will allow us to get to the appropriate care plan that does not include opiods or other harmful drugs.


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