Moms... May is Your Special Month at Cook Chiropractic Clinic

two woman with a child holiding gifts

           Moms, we realize you need eight arms and eight legs to get through the day. With many of you working then balancing the end of your day and taking care of your children; you may be apt to have a little more stress in your life than your body can manage.

             Let’s talk about the two types of stress you may experience as super mom. The first is physical stress. Small traumas such as lifting groceries, cleaning in a bent over position, yard work, or even lifting a child the wrong way or repetitively. The second type of stress that may leave you feeling less than 100% health is mental stress. There have been numerous articles telling us that stress can cause ill health and unwanted symptoms.

What you may not know, is that both of these stresses can affect and cause damage to one of your most important organs in keeping you healthy...your central nervous system. Vertebral Subluxation Complex (misalignment of the spine causing nerve pressure or pinching) can result from both physical and mental stress. Our doctors specialize in correcting vertebral subluxation, giving you the chance to endure stress in your life, as well as improving  your overall health. Call today for that most important adjustment and we’ll help you stay a healthy super mom.

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